Food Collection


A collection of 18 3D scans of frequently used food elements. From baked goods to fruits and nuts.

Virtual Food Made Easy

Food can be hard to model. So why bother doing that when you can just get a scan of the real thing? All objects have a clean mesh, UVs and a complete set of textures. The collection can be used in all 3D programs but it also contains a database specifically for C4D users. This database allows for easy import in to your scene, and easy and fast search through keywords.

Capturing method: Photogrammetry

What you will get:
• 18 photo scanned objects
• A C4D database for easy use inside Cinema. Redshift is the renderer used.
• FBX models if you’re not a C4D user
• 4 types of textures for each object in 4K resolution(Diffuse, Normal, Displacement, Roughness)

The objects:
Apple 01 | Apple 02 | Banana 01 | Bread 01 | Bread 02 | Bread 03 | Cookie 01 | Cookie 02 | Cookie 03 | Croissant | Donut Strawberry | Garlic | Muffin | Orange 01 | Toast 01 | Toast 02 | Walnut 01 | Walnut 02